How to Make PowerPoint Presentation That Don’t Bore Your Audience

Ever heard of “PowerPoint Hell”? It is a term for a long, complex PowerPoint presentation that bores you to death. A person who induces such hell to his or her audience typically only reads from the presentation slides and uses too much features of the software: a mistake that many of us often do. So how to make an interesting PowerPoint presentation that could attract the interest of your audience? Follow some tips below.

1. Delivery
Speaking comfortably and clearly is important to win your audience, you should also show some confidence and maintain eye contacts while presenting your discussion. Practice delivering your presentation within given time limit. Use a timer while practicing to make sure you don’t exceed the time given. Be familiar with your topic so you will be ready for any questions. Don’t read from the slides too often hence forcing your audience staring at your slides all the time. Ideally, audience should only focuses on the visual support around 20-25% of the allocated presentation time google slides templates.

2. Content
Do not copy and paste the paragraph of your presentation into the slides. The PowerPoint slides should only consist of your presentation points; not the presentation itself. If you cannot remember all the contents of the presentation, using the help of note cards is way more effective than pouring down all of your discussion into the slides.

3. Text
Use fonts that are easy to read within standardized size. Sans serifs fonts such as Calibri, Arial, and Helvetica are the best readable font choices. Centered alignment will be harder to read and don’t look professional. It is better to use the right-hand or left-hand alignments which are easier to read. Cut the clutter of your slides by following the 666 rule for a simple design: use no more than 6 bullets per image, 6 word slides in a row, and 6 words per bullet.

4. Design
Stay with simple design while still matching it with your purpose; informative, educational, entertaining, persuasive, or promotional presentations should have different tones. Decorating your slides with PowerPoint templates is not forbidden, but you should do it smartly. If you want to use pictures and animations for the slides, use them as relevant support for the content, not mere silly decorations. However, don’t burden your slides with graphics. There should be two clip arts or charts at the most on each presentation slide. Maintain consistency in your slides by matching all colors and use the same font style and size in all of your slides.

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